Treorchy Comprehensive School


5x60 is about getting active for at least 60 minutes, 5 x a week. It doesn’t have to be all at once! A 10 minute walk to school, a 20 minute kick about and a half-hour bike ride will do. But before you ask, no it doesn’t include time on your x-box or watching footie!

5x60 is all about having fun and trying out new things. It’s all about you. You choose your activities, and your school’s 5x60 Officer does their bit to make it happen. You can also get involved in the program by becoming a trained sports leader. This means you can help out with lunch time and after school clubs and gain qualifications for free!

To find out what activities are going on in Treorchy Comprehensive please check out the e3 timetable on Moodle!

You can find out loads more information about 5x60 by logging on to or by speaking to your 5x60 Officer (Jonnie Phillips) in the e3 office (block 2) during break or lunchtimes. You can also nominate your school and 5x60 officer for special awards on the website, so why don’t you check it out and get with it!