Treorchy Comprehensive School

Over the weekend of 4th, 5th and 6th October, the Treorchy CCF participated in 160 (Wales) Brigade’s Cadet Skill at Arms Meeting. This target shooting event tested all aspects of marksmanship and pitched our CCF team against other schools and Army Cadet Force units from across Wales.

Fielding a new team for 2013, the cadets took to the shooting ranges of Sennybridge with high optimism and some rare good weather. The team shot at a variety of targets, at ranges from 100 meters to 400 meters. There were rounds such as a Bull’s-eye shoot, a team target match and even one team shoot which took place after a speed march of 1.5km. The team did their best and although they didn’t quite get a team prize (despite being a member down due to an absentee), there were some individual success stories.

Particular praise should be reserved for Sgts Kyle Hart and Dylan Evans. Sgt Hart was a hailed as best individual LSW machine gunner in Wales, and received his award from Brigadier Phillip Napier (The head of the Army in Wales). Sgt Evans managed to get into the top 12 shoot-out final in the Bull’s-eye shoot, a worthy achievement considering the vast numbers competing.

Next year we hope to enter 2 teams to gather more points and hopefully more prizes.