Treorchy Comprehensive School

On Monday July 12th 2010, 100 pupils from Treorchy Comprehensive School visited the reconstructed Medieval Village at Cosmeston in the Vale of Glamorgan. They were treated to a glorious day of sunshine whilst they toured the cottages and buildings of the 1300s. All took part in a medieval style bread-baking challenge and pupils learned how various artefacts can tell us about the people of the past.

The highlight for many was the weapons and warfare display, where pupils tried on chainmail, with some struggling to stand up due to the weight!  Others got to try attacking and defending with medieval swords and long bows. The teachers watched on nervously as Year 7 pupils re-enacted the role of a knight in the medieval village! After a picnic lunch by the lakes and some frenzied activity in the shop, all returned to school exhausted but having learned a great deal about life for ordinary people in Wales in the Middle Ages.